About Us

Advantage was created to give its members the benefits of the best training that both the martial arts world and fitness industry have to offer.

We are a no-nonsense, private training facility. We pride ourselves in teaching authentic Muay Thai, and having created the best recreational classes for our practitioners in a safe and positive environment.

To keep the quality of what we offer at the highest level possible, we ask our participants to be committed and take their training seriously. We will train you like you’re in the military, but we will treat you like family.

Our curriculum will not only improve your fitness, health and well-being, but will also strengthen your work ethic, self-discipline and character. Those who stay committed, will feel the “Advantage” of our training carry over into all aspects of their lives.

This is much more than just a weight-loss system or get-in-shape program, this is a “change-your-life program”. By training your mind and body in the art of Muay Thai, you will create the healthiest and strongest version of yourself, all while engaging in an activity that you can continuously practice and grow with for life.



*Please contact us for pricing and additional information. We offer a free intro trial & various seasonal promotional offers. Contact us to book your first session.

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