Boot Camp

Boot Camp – Advantage Style

At Advantage, our Boot Camp clients see increased lean muscle mass, improved cardiovascular performance, rapid fat loss, and enhanced core development. This is an accelerated training program where each member is kept working hard, and pushing themselves to their limits through out the entire class. Classes incorporate calisthenic (bodyweight) and plyometric conditioning, resistance work, high intensity interval training, a wide variety of functional/athletic movements and some of the most challenging core/ab routines every created. Workouts are 45 minutes long, allowing the busy individual enough time to get in and get out without any excuses. Less time equals greater results, as the clients are able to stay focused and attack their workouts with higher intensity, thus resulting in a greater calorie burn, and more muscular overload, all leading towards faster results.

The Advantage Community

Classes are filled with individuals from all walks of life, working hard together, pushing themselves and each other towards self improvement. It is quite common in any one of our classes to see your every day hard “working mom” coming in to sculpt her body, all while training along side competitive athletes, weight lifters, martial artists, yogis, or members of fire department and law enforcement. And while each person may have their own specific goal, they are all looking to take their fitness and life outside of the gym to the next level.

With Advantages Boot Camp and Conditioning classes, you will be provided with an intense yet holistic and complete program that trains your entire body as a whole, allowing it function and perform optimally. Use our workouts to create a lean, healthier, stronger version of yourself, as well as a foundation for any other athletic endeavors you embark on.