Muay Thai






Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and is widely regarded as the world’s most effective striking art. The science of “eight limbs” employs a variety of techniques that allow you to defend yourself using your hands, feet or shins, elbows and knees.

We teach Muay Thai as it’s taught in Bangkok, Thailand where the Sports champions have been bred for centuries. Much more than just practicing how to punch or kick, we make sure our students learn and have an understanding of the Thai culture that goes hand in hand with the art. In doing so, we keep our training true to the arts rhythm, scoring, technical style, and traditions. We insist on a no-ego, friendly environment where training smart and safe is always the number one priority. With the attention we place on improving technique, we see our students often excel in a remarkably short period of time, thus bringing their confidence, fitness and understanding of the art to a whole new level.

Class Descriptions


Muay Thai – Basics (45 min) – Students will practice the basic punches, kicks and knees with a partner on the pads as well as learn and review the basic application behind each technique. They are taught how to be a good training partner and how to properly hold pads which is essential to progressing with their training. This program also gives them a solid foundation of fitness and conditioning that will help them progress through our Muay Thai curriculum. We recommend new members start with this class!

Muay Thai – Advanced (45 min) – A deeper look at the application behind the art. Classes consist of challenging pad work, cross fighting, technical sparring drills and clinch work. At this level, the student has a solid understanding of the basics and therefore classes are run at a high and intense pace. This class requires instructor approval.

Muay Thai Bagwork (30 min) – A fast pace bagwork circuit with a mixture of high-intensity conditioning drills. This class is recommended for members who have taken the Muay Thai basics program and wish to focus on more fitness/conditioning.

Boxing (45 min) – A padwork class focusing on western boxing combinations, footwork, and hand speed. Muay Thai practitioners often apply fundamentals of western boxing to add to their Muay Thai arsenal. Classes include various callisthenic and ab/core drills. This class is open to members of all levels.

Sparring Practice (30 min) – A fast pace training session where students can feel the intensity of a full 5 round fight, in a safe and controlled environment.

Private Training – Take your Muay Thai skill set or fitness to the next level by booking a one-on-one or small group session with one of our trainers. Focus on high intensity padwork, technique and application or fitness and conditioning.