Advantage is the most holistic kind of training out there. I have followed Advantage Fitness for 5 years now and never get a better more well rounded work out. It never gets any easier because he is always mixing it up and challenging our fitness level. Training with full functional body movements and never using any weights over 7 pounds but still getting the most toned I’ve ever been in my life is very exciting. His program really is exceptional and I can barely keep away from work outs. I train all of his programs because I really can’t get enough. Fitness (Boot Camp), Muay Thai and Sports Conditioning. I love it, I am fitter than I was at 17. All I can say is if you can commit to attendance and take it seriously, the results you see will amaze you and your insides and outsides will thank you for it. The Muay Thai program is great. My son and I have both trained at other places and this is definitely the most authentic and technical. It is perfect if you are actually interested in learning the Muay Thai sport.  – Tracy R


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Over the last eleven months I have been training in mostly the Muay Thai Program at Advantage Fitness. Upon entering the facility for the first time, I was welcomed into a warm, friendly “ego-less” environment. Right away I felt comfortable to train there thanks to my fellow students as well as the head instructor.The Muay Thai program itself is amazing. It is true, authentic Muay Thai. Over these last eleven months, I have felt my Thai boxing skill improve drastically. We are taught to properly hold pads (which is an art-form in and of itself), as well as how to properly spar without the worry of getting injured! Each class is different from the previous one, which is great for us students as it always keeps us on our toes knowing that every day will
be something new and exciting.

Advantage Fitness’ conditioning classes (Boot Camp) are amazing as well. Though I have only attended a handful of these, it is amazing how awesome you feel after completing the rigorous yet fun circuit exercises.

I recommend Advantage Fitness to anyone of any age, and any skill level. If you’re looking to just get in shape, or to learn the art of Muay Thai in the true Thai way, this is the place to be!  – Julian A


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I have been training with Adrian for over 4 years and I have completely changed by body and overall well-being.

Not only have I lost weight and toned my body in ways I never even thought possible, I have also gained a lot of life skills on how to train my body safely and effectively. When I first started training with Adrian I participated in his HIIT classes and total body conditioning classes (now called Boot Camp) and I was hooked! These classes truly enhanced my strength and cardio abilities which gave me the confidence to start the ladies kickboxing classes and then about 6 months ago I started training in the Muay Thai program which has become a huge part of my life. I now train in both the sports conditioning and Muay Thai programs and I am learning so many new skills and building a new-found confidence through this sport.

Adrian’s philosophy for training isn’t like what you will find at other gyms and I believe this is why this program works! He has designed his classes specifically to train your body with your own body. This is the strongest I have ever felt in my life! I owe this to Adrian and his constant encouragement and his ability to create incredible training plans for his members that never get boring or easier, we just keep getting stronger! I highly recommend Advantage Fitness to anyone who wants to learn Muay Thai or even anyone who simply wants to better their overall well-being by taking any of his classes!  – Megan D


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Fantastic atmosphere, brand new state of the art facility and in-depth technical teaching that is welcoming to all experience levels. Started at age 28 with no prior martial arts experience and never once felt out of my element due to the team like environment that has been created. The benefits are noticeable after your first week of the program, and for much more than just Muay Thai. I highly recommend to any athlete looking to take themselves to the next level.  – Michael R


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“They are workout machines and also very personable, it’s the perfect combination for training!”  – Guin W


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“I love the Muay Thai, it’s rigorous and the Sport Performance Program is accommodating to everything I do from Soccer, Hockey and Muay Thai. I can honestly feel and see the difference…”   – Gord L


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